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Conversations with Students

April 15, 2011

Student: Teacher, what’s your Twitter name?

Me, indignant: I don’t have a Twitter name!

Student: WHY?!

Me: …because I have Facebook.

Student: Can I have your facebook name?!

Me: …

Me: No.


 Student: Can I go to the bathroom now?

Me: You just had 10 minutes to go! What happened?

Student: I return in ONE MINUTE

Me: 1 second.


Me: Well, yeah then go.


Me: So what is P.E.?

Student A: Physical English!

Student B: Pretty Elephant!

Student C: Pencil Eraser!

In a different class…

Me: What is R&B?

Student A: Rock and ballads!

Student B: Red and blue!

Student C: Real and beautiful!


Kristin realizes that her rhyme warm up has finally backfired..

Me: Open your books to page 30!


Everyone cracks up. No one opens their books.

Me: That’s a great rhyme! Open your books to dirty thirty!

Student: Oh sexy sexy thirty..


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