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Hello Radiodormant Rain!

April 7, 2011

Oh, that crazy sideways radioactive rain.

Before I left for school yesterday, many students tried to warn me about tomorrow’s bizarre, dangerous weather. Supposedly, radioactive rain from Japan would somehow make its way to Korea and so, I should avoid drinking the rain and carry an umbrella. I rolled my eyes pretty dramatically and went home. Then it seemed that the madness had passed on to Facebook where there were more than a few posts on my wall about radioactive rain. It turned out that other teachers were warned by school staff about the oncoming catastrophe but I just could not take it seriously. But, even with my skepticism, I was pretty quick to check the window when I woke up today. And, upon seeing that the sky was NOT green, I made my way to school.

I expected that fewer people would be walking the streets but it was crowded as ever. So then I figured it must have been called off ONLY to get to school and have people telling me all about the radioactive rain. So I guess they came and went or they came and people should DO SOMEthing or nothing happened and the weatherman is a dunce. I don’t know.  I mean, some schools have closed and some people are wearing masks but really no one knows what’s going on or what to do. This article about it would have me think that nothing really happened although it was supposed to. Again, I don’t know.

Conclusion: Nothing happened, the wind changed, some schools closed for no reason. I still wouldn’t drink the rainwater (yellow dust)

… Today was pretty meh…EXCEPT that asked my students if any of them got superpowers from the rain  and several claimed that they did. So there’s that!

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