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The Importance of Snapping Back to Reality

February 23, 2011

It’s been a long, cold winter. Never in my life have I encountered such cold, and the appearance of my toes’ first chillblains was painful evidence of that. Before even opening my gas bill, I winced and shuddered, preparing myself for what I knew would be the most expensive one to date.  And it was. Heck, I wasn’t even home for most of the last month and it was still the highest utility bill I’d yet received.

60,000 won. 60,000

I freaked out immediately. “This is an OUTRAGE. SURELY someone has been messing with my gas!”

My eyes scanned the details of the bill, scrutinizing every line and figure (yes, I pretended my Korean was that good) until I ultimately reached the bottom which noted that my last bill wasn’t paid so actually my bill was 30,000 won. Well, oops. BUT STILL that’s SUPER high for me. But really it’s not even worth all the caps and italics in this post.

30,000 won is about $26.50. Back home, I recall one winter’s bill at $170.00 or so and that was split between 5 flatmates (one of whom had the heat on 90 frickin degrees for two days straight, not that I’m bitter) . It’s also time to consider that my housing is covered here.

So, maybe, just maybe, I need to get a grip.

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