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February 18, 2011

Yes, it’s been a long while since I last posted. 

And my mom brought up a good point recently. That since I have been deskwarming like crazy since my vacation two weeks ago, I should be posting more.  I don’t really have an excuse, I’ve just been pondering some of the following things:

Thailand: I went there for 18 days and had a blast which deserves its own lengthy post.  I will be going back.

Korea: I’ve been here quite awhile but I can’t stay here forever. I used to feel like I could but recently I’ve been told explicitly that Actually, No, I Cannot. One came from a Korean teacher from the school next door. The conversation:

Teacher, innocently: So when are you going back home? To America?

Me, sighing dreamily: Oh, I don’t know. It’s so nice here sometimes. I might leave next year or just stay on for awhile.

Teacher, bluntly: No, you can’t stay here. You have to go home.

Me, nervously: I guess…hehe. I do miss my family but-

Teacher, cryptically: Yes, you do.

Anyway, I didn’t take it too seriously. My time working with Asians has taught me that it’s usually not the intent of the speaker to come off so blunt, but direct translation tends to have that effect. Also, there’s a really honest culture here that you just have to take with a grain of salt.

Moving along, another weird PLEASE LEAVE encounter I had was yesterday as I went to the gym to renew my membership. I was happy to return to Jamaica Fitness, knowing the staff would recognize me and welcome me back. They were happy to see me and have a chance to practice their English and the renewal went over smoothly…until I had to leave. As I turned to leave, one of the female trainers nervously called out to me in English “See you tomorrow!” and blushed and watched the other trainers laughing at her English. I told her that she said it perfectly and said nay-eel-bah-yo (See you tomorrow) back to her. Before she could get another word out, some old, sweaty Korean man appeared out of nowhere and told her, in Korean, not to speak English to foreigners. DUDE! I am right here! All I could do was stare at him, mouth agape, brows furrowed, wondering why he thought he could just tell someone what to do. The ride down the elevator was probably wakward for him as a result.

So…I can’t stay here forever I guess.

Korean: However, I would like to take more than teaching skills away from my experience here. I’ve made a greater effort in learning the language – which serves to get me more customized Korean meals and to understand when certain people are dissin’ me. In addition to Pimsleur and my Korean language exchange friend, I’ve been getting help from my co-teachers. Perhaps I’ll even be able to make a post in Korean one day…

THE FUTURE: What will happen in it? Where will I be? Will I get LASIK? I don’t know. My plans still involve grad school and teaching to some extent but when and where are the bigger concerns.

That’s it for now! Happy New Year/Seollal/Chinese New Year/Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Jean Bentley permalink
    February 19, 2011 1:19 am

    Kristin, we are glad you are well. Hope you decide to come home. Love You.
    Your Grandparents

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