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Hello Cold Weather!

December 28, 2010

It snowed overnight and left a couple inches this morning of premium building snow. As I made a killer snowball on my walk to school today, I thought to myself  Why don’t I just let the students play in the snow after the lesson? We’ll make a snowman and an igloo  and everything!  As I got to the school, I realized that this wouldn’t fly. Not because I wouldn’t be allowed to but because my students just don’t like playing in the snow.

As much as I hate the cold, I have pretty fond memories of playing in snow until my fintertips went numb. I can’t be completely sure, but I imagine students don’t have a comparable feeling toward snow because they don’t dress appropriately for it. The temperature has been dropping below freezing for quite a few weeks now and yet students persist in not taking accessories like scarves, mittens, and hats seriously. I’ve seen students in my area wearing nylons with converses and thin blazers over their fall uniforms. It just irks me because I know for a fact that they have heavy duty coats and gloves that they just simply don’t wear.

Almost every day since October, I’ve had this very same conversation with at least one student.


“Hey, student, how are you?”

“Teacher, I am cold.”

“I know! Where is your coat?”

“At my house.”



Sometimes I get this fantastic dialogue, except I don’t get to list out all the reasons why they’re cold.

There are other issues with cold weather. Winter Camp started yesterday and I think the very first thing I said was to close the door to keep the heat in. I can’t be sure why closing the door is such an issue in Korea but it is.  Some part lies in simply not noting that it was left open, letting the cold air rush in and causing the heater to whir through ungodly amounts of electricity. Another part may be from Koreans desire to have fresh air everywhere, all the time. I have nothing against fresh air mind you, but opening every window in the classroom then complaining about the cold just hurts my brain.  I dunno, Sinwol Middle, I’m having a really hard time empathizing with problems as easily solvable  as these.

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