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Scary Goat Stories

November 17, 2010

I tell this story a lot but maybe I’m the only one who finds it funny.

So, I was playing my favorite game, Apples to Apples, with an afterschool class last year. The students love playing as much as I enjoy being the hyper critical yet light hearted judge.

In case you don’t know, in Apples to Apples, one person chooses a Green Card (all green cards have adjectives on them) and asks players to put down a Red Card (all red cards have nouns or gerunds on them) that best matches the adjective. The best match wins the Green Card and the player with the most Green Cards wins. To get students speaking, I usually tell them to justify their answers. The normal dialogue might go

Kristin: Which is the the most ANNOYING?

Student 1: My Sister because she is always stealing my things

Student 2: Mosquitoes because they bite you

Student 3: Alaska because it is cold

That’s the thing. You don’t always have the cards you want and often one has to put down something crazy. Playing with the class, I thought a student, Cindy, put down Goats for “Scary” because she had nothing else. But she was so insistent on having the best answer. I thought Perhaps this child has a real fear of Goats, they do have those creepy eyes after all. I asked her what she thought a goat was.

She made a sound that could have been a goat and waved her arms around then pretended to die which made me think of Fainting Goats.

(You can cut to 0:49 to get the gist of it)

Eventually we made it to Halloween and another student figured out that Cindy had indeed misread her card, wanting to put down Ghost.

We laughed a lot and Cindy learned about goats. Wholesome English Learning Times were had by all.

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