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Hello Gosu Cave!

November 15, 2010

First I have to thank Adventure Korea for organizing a great trip that I doubt I could have planned myself.

I woke up at 6 AM on Sunday to get on the slow morning train to a bus leaving for the ferry and caving trip. The original plan included my friends Ian and Maggie coming along but turns out I was going on my own. Luckily I met some awesome folks on the bus, together we spent the day traveling and going up probably a thousand or so stairs.

The first part of the trip was a long bus ride to a port on a lake nestled amongst a sea of mountains. On the ferry, we sat in a cozy little nook and admired the lovely scenery  – the rocks with names of shapes we couldn’t find, the autumn foliage, the calm waters, and, when we eventually sat outside, the fantastic weather.

The ferry stopped seemingly in the middle of nowhere to let us off where a bus drove our group 30 minutes deeper into the mountains where the cave was located.

The cave itself was pretty spectacular with sites for which photos and words don’t do much justice. My only other caving experience is Luray Caverns so maybe Gosu cave isn’t all that much but I feel like I got to see a lot of the cave just because there was access to quite a lot. In America, a tourist might sue for all the tight spaces and low ceilings he might get injured on but Korea thinks you can handle it. Spiraled and crooked staircases wound awkwardly throughout the cave taking visitors way up on tiny, metal stairs and back down on steep stairs that challenged my poor balance fantastically. I couls also say that none of the steps I took were in any way predictable..the height and distance between each step varied enough to keep me on my toes the whole time. That plus a ton of ducking and limboing, plus some serious humidity, plus being in a single file line waiting on each of the professional photographers taking the perfect shot in front of you made the trek a little harrowing but definitely exciting.

The next thing on the agenda was a trip to a part of the mountain where a “gate” ring was formed by the lake on its opposite side. The tour guide took our group through a weird path that went over the actual space. Somehow I got the courage to make this crazy climb and the grace to survive it.

The view made it worth it...kind of


And for some reason, there was a nearby amphitheater hosting noraebang for a few thousand won. People were dancing like crazy.

THERE! There are the people butchering Sweet Caroline!

We ate snacks and took more pictures and prepared for the two hour trip home. Two hours that turned into almost six due to some traffic related incidents. I might’ve been bitter if it weren’t for the tour guide popping in a few DVDs for the group to watch – Sherlock Holmes and The A Team. Hmm, maybe I am a little bitter.

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