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Photovember: Photo + Story: Halloween Wink

November 3, 2010

Every class is full of characters. A kind of kid that's not really good or really bad but who stands out usually with volume and brazenness. This one in particular is not only a character but a ham. He is truly all but modest and never misses an opportunity to wink at me, as seen in the photo. This was the Friday before Halloween, a time when I was bombarded by students demanding candy and shouting all kinds of Halloween words at me. This kid, who I believe goes by "Handsome Boy Oh Yes", wasn't about the candy and the shouting. After coming by to say hi, he waited just outside my office area holding a permanent wink, waiting for me to take a picture of him. I guess the whole reason I would have my camera out at all would be to capture his lovely, creepy face.

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