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Hello Photovember!

November 1, 2010

I have so many photos to post and so many yet untaken that I want to get a photo project underway for every week this month.

Week One: Photo + story (pics I’ve taken but haven’t posted )
Week Two: Color Themes
Week Three: Collections
Week Four: Korean Items (I’ll be “collecting” these all month so that last week seems appropriate)

I’ll want so badly to stick to this list but I might end up throwing in some abstract rules to help me along the way. Hey, maybe I can even get some students involved.

Photovember: Photo + Story: Sweet Rain

Photovember: Photo + Story: Tree with 4 Legs

Photovember: Photo + Story: Halloween Wink

Photovember: Photo + Story: Foreigner Photoshoot

Photovember: Yellow

Photovember: Green

Photovember: Red

Photovember: Other Colors

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