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Hello Ninja Halloween!

October 29, 2010

I decided to be a ninja this year.

I'm not sleeping, I'm scheming mischievously with my pepero nunchaku in tow.

Students already know of my obsession with Ninjas from projects and such and the costume was a breeze to put together.

Everyone in the school found it awesome. My picture was taken about a thousand times and I got such reactions as “OH MY GOD”, “NINJA TEACHAAAARRR” and ” AHHHHHHHHH
I think I did a good job.

As for trick or treating, I devised an overly complicated system that involved maknig students dress up in some costume accessories, signing in their name and posing for a photo before choose a random paper from my bag that had a prize written on it.
In retrospect, it was probably too much but those pictures will be in a mini costume contest with entries that I think are more than worthwhile.

I was overrun with students most of the day, they were slightly more excited than myself. Even as I’m trying to finish this post, some students are talking to me all about Halloween festivities and dressing up in the costume pieces. I’ve even been trying to avoid my desk today knowing that they’d be there waiting to shout TRICK OR TREAT at me. I indulged them all…too much maybe. Even the teachers were curious about my whole Halloween set up, curious or frustrated since they couldn’t get to their desks with a wall of students surrounding mine. But they can’t stay mad at me.

I got enough chocolate from my mom that I was able to put a piece on the desk of every staff member in my school. I even managed to hunt down the cooking staff while dressed in full ninja attire. There was something satisfying about making people covered in rubber aprons soaked in bleach laugh themselves into a headache.
It was also quite lovely to hear so much postive feedback from the staff, namely the vice principal and principal who thought I was making a huge effort for the sake of the students, but we all know the truth; I dress up for my own entertainment and students can think what they want – I’m going to enjoy Halloween despite being the only one who celebrates it within a mile of here.


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