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Hello Gold Spa!

October 24, 2010

I had so much fun last year when I went to a Korean spa/bathhouse that I decided to make another trip to help me forget about the troubles of last week.

As my friend, Maggie, had a similarly annoying week, she accompanied me to Gold Spa which is really close to Gangnam (where were wanted to hang out for the evening) Gold Spa was really no Dragon Hill but the facilities were nice enough. There were 7 pools of varying temperatures and contents – one was filled with saltwater but I’m pretty sure it was a thousand degrees and one was filled with lime green Kool Aid I’m guessing and was also too hot to enjoy.
After a few stares and toe dipping, Maggie and I settled into the 40 C pools to soak. There were a few sauna rooms- I tried out a wet one whose walls were covered in lovely stones, stones my geologist friend, Maggie, was happy to ID them as jasper, amethysts, and all kinds of colorful quartz.
Another nice feature of the jimjilbang was its lack of hundreds of people. I could walk around in my birthday suit without getting bumped by children and ajumma. Let me just say, the bumping from overcrowding at Dragon HIll was a bit more traumatizing than I let on in my post. So, Gold Spa was actually relaxing for our entire three hour stay.

We even got scrubs from Brillo pad armed Ajumma for a cool 25K won. I sweat and soaked and scrubbed and now I feel ready to take on Halloween week at school.

Except I got dehydrated…and ended up with a cluster headache all day today. Wompwomp.

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