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The Sticker System

October 11, 2010

So what happens? Answer a question with a full sentence in English and you get a little sticker. Oh yeah, and the sentence must correctly answer the question.


Students show off their stickers probably in an attempt to get more.


Then when you’ve got 15, Kristin Teacher x’s em off and you get a prize or two from this bowl.



Tomorrow I’ll add some Halloween themed items sent from home (Thanks Monthies!). I love this.

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  1. Lauren permalink
    October 11, 2010 10:21 pm

    Hi Kristin,

    First, I’m going to explain how I found your blog because I think it’s kind of funny: I was looking at my friend Julie’s page and your name was listed in her friends column (or whatever you want to call it) and your name sounded familiar, so i clicked on it and saw you were Seoul and then eventually clicked on this link. I realize none of that is interesting in itself, but your name was familiar to me because I was the receptionist that came after you at Midtown (and consequently left a year ago… but that’s not important, right?)

    So basically, I’m some version of friend-of-a-friend mixed with random internet creeper. Exciting, right?

    Anyway, I’ve just read several pages of your blog posts and I love it. I think you’re really funny and I love the things you post about. I haven’t taught English anywhere (though it is something I REALLY want to do), but I did study abroad twice and, for me, the small day-to-day happenings are what’s most interesting. And frustrating, funny, etc.

    So the reason I am commenting is because I want to know how you found a teaching job in South Korea. Did you have training before you went? Did you go completely by yourself? Where did you go to get more information? I’ve always wanted to go abroad to teach (I somehow chose to move to DC instead of sending myself to South America to teach after graduation. I am ultimately happy with that decision, but I don’t think I’ll forgive myself if I don’t teach abraod, too). Can you tell me about your experiences? Anything you can tell me I would greatly appreciate.

    You can holller at me here: boltisawesome [at] gmail [dott] com. I don’t normally feel compelled to write my email in that way, but whatever. I hope to hear from you soon and I hope this isn’t too weird or anything!


    • aukissed permalink*
      October 12, 2010 6:31 am

      Hey Lauren,
      I just sent an email that I think includes some answers to your questions. I think I’m gunna make an FAQ post soon that might cover anything I missed in the email.

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