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Jamaica Fitness, with a hint of creepiness

October 7, 2010

I’ve been enjoying my membership so far, really. I’ve met a few people and had strict direction given to me for proper machine use for every single machine in the place. I have yet to take a shower but it’ll happen when the temperature drops more…probably. I have a small gripe concerning the gym’s location above the evil trifecta of great smelling restaurants, Dunkin Donuts, Paris Baguette, and Lotteria (right after they finish cooking up the chicken nuggets), but as long as I don’t bring any money to the gym, I’ll be fine.

I’d even say, despite these little problems, my experience at Jamaica Fitness is becoming ever more postive. Since the start of our language exchange, my trainer, Alicia, has been really helpful keeping me motivated through my gym training program. She uses the English we practiced and smiles a lot. The other trainers are great but tend to be rather indifferent in general. Not Alicia though, and apparently not one of her trainer friends who showed up in the middle of me doing some reps on the leg extension machine.

The Hint of Creepiness

So I’m sitting there, doing who knows what – talking to Alicia, finishing reps while probably not breathing properly, hanging out in general – I don’t particularly remember what happened just before Creepy McDreamboat strutted over to interrupt us with a crazed grin.

The guy is young, well built, very handsome but manages to obliterate any facade of normalcy with that grin paired with unblinking eyes. He says something like “I sleep, you! *touches his hair* you Hangul” Ok, I say, you like my hair? Alicia attempts translating “He is sleeping and he think about you” Before, I can ask for clarification, she continues. “You speaking Korean!”

Ohh…so I can speak Korean in your dream? The young man nods and laughs heartily for some reason.

Alicia and I force a giggle while he promptly turns and struts away. I look to Alicia for something substantial in the way of an explanation but she just shoots me that “Don’t look at me like I know what’s going on, I just work here” look, which before yesterday I didn’t even know was a look you could get  in Korea. Some things are truly universal.

Typing this event out, it actually doesn’t seem that creepy but let’s just review this more carefully.

1. A Korean man approached me. Only drunk Korean men approach me, usually to touch my hair. For whatever reason, Korean men just don’t normally approach me and I’ve really just gotten used to it.

2. Koreans in general won’t barge into a conversation with a stranger. It’s just not done.

3. A complete stranger approached me to tell me about a dream with me in it. Who does this?

4. Clearly overwhelmed by impulse, he intended to tell me all about this dream  without really knowing how and then left once the bizarre exchange of weird was complete.

This certainly isn’t worth quitting the gym or anything but yeah, I’ll be watchin out for that guy from now on.

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  1. Cheree permalink
    October 9, 2010 5:01 pm

    OMG LOL!! This post made me laugh out loud in the waiting room of the dentist office. I was embarassee but couldn’ t help it!,

    • aukissed permalink*
      October 11, 2010 12:36 pm

      That makes me happy. It’s something I can already laugh about thankfully but I haven’t seen him since so…we’ll see.

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