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Hello Mini Updates!

October 6, 2010

The days have been rather slow with no events really worthy of a single, lengthy post. Here are a few things worth the bulletpoint.

  • Matt’s been studying for the LSAT like crazy but took a well deserved break to meet one of his good friends from college who just moved here to work in an afterschool program. This is kind of a big deal – there are now two people from Matt’s tiny college of around 500 students total in Seoul. Speaking of uncanny, when Matt first arrived here we managed to somehow accidentally run into the other person from his college on the street…in a city of 10.3 million people. Weird but probably good for Matt.
  • I transferred money home for the first time through my bank, KEB. I didn’t know it at the time, but my timing for this could really not have been better – apparently the exchange rate has been especially favorable to Korea-US transfers over the past few weeks. I’m still blown away at how fast and easy the process was. I merely showed up with my passport, account numbers, and bank information and the whole thing was completed in about 10 minutes and it only took that long because I didn’t have my home bank’s bank code. The teller said it would take two days but it only took one. Awesome.
  • I recently learned that one of the former teachers here was replaced because he had a physical altercation with a student who got eyelid surgery. Of course, the surgery makes me sad especially considering it was performed on a young student who was likely bullied for having “small eyes” but there are certainly better ways to share an opinion than corporeal punishment.
  • I started a language exchange with a young woman I met at my gym. Every Monday and Wednesday we’ll make tedious, strained attempts to communicate with each other while I butcher the writing system, Hangul, and she strings nouns together to make sentences. These meetings will be good for getting me to keep up with learning Korean and probably guilting me into higher gym attendence…I should probably mention that she’s a trainer at the gym.
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