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Hello Sandwich “Art”

August 1, 2010

After a rather challenging reading on plating, summer campers were set loose on a few tables covered with utensils, scissors, plates, slices of bread, and some small bowls of peanut butter and their choice of two out of three different jams. There was an academic element slash education moment somewhere toward the end of the day but who remembers that?

Students had to decorate their “blank canvas”  and come up with a theme for their personal take on the PB&J. I had to referee a lot of premature snacking but otherwise it was all kinds of fun.

The title of this one is Stop Train. It was the only team of boys...they got carried away.

"Main Face: Their dreams..."

My name is spelled onto that sandwich in Hangul

How cute!

There’re more pictures that i’ll add later in addition to some of the shameless pandering used in the stories students used to explain their creations.

Also, between this, the jello, the daily candy/pepero treats and an upcoming taste test, I’m pretty sure I’m gunna be responsible for a few sugar induced comas by the camp’s end. This is mostly from students eating spoonfuls of jam in class…whoops.

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