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Hello Twin Day!

July 29, 2010

So really I’m just reliving my childhood experiences of summer camp through my English camp here at Sinwol.

Today’s theme is TWINS. Yesterday, my camp coteacher, Ryu, and I explained to the Level B class (Cooks) what they’re supposed to do for twin day. Pick a partner and wear the same outfit. The students, who had already stayed ten minutes after finishing time for a game, sat down with their respective partners and carefully coordinated outfits.

How did they all manage to get the same haircut?!

So they were all ready for today – except for a new student who just joined my camp a week in…for my all girls class. But whatever, we all had a good time. The students weren’t aware that Ryu and I would be dressing up as well, going so far as to coordinate pink headbands, sea green nail polish, green socks, capris, and hot pink tees (NO ONE beats Kristin at a themed dress up day contest, NO ONE) I even popped the lenses out of my old glasses to match my coteachers’. Yeah, I’m pretty awesome sometimes.

Anyway, the target language included a review of the last lesson (using both and neither) and using adjectives to describe similarities and differences…opposites really. Our last activity was supposed to be Taboo but I just used the nouns of the Apples to Apples games and a timer instead.

I ended up hearing things like “It wears big white suit…lives in space!” and “It’s big and round and not funny”

I didn’t really need to keep score, just having a timer increased the tension enough to keep people motivated. I think the original idea was that you have the same clothes and the same mind to win the game. I dunno, it was fun. Yesterday we played a water relay race game and tomorrow we’re making sandwich art. If only I could somehow get toasted marshmallows in this camp…

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