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Hello Summer Vacation! Not quite yet actually…

July 9, 2010

Final exams are over and so I’m left to start teaching the low level students in the first and second grade since I’ve never taught them before.
Honestly, I’ve been more than a little frightened to do so – the Korean teachers keep reminding me how poor the students English is and how their behavior is atrocious. And it probably is for them, but I’m novel in the eyes of these students and it seems like they gain a small, personal triumph whenever they understand the smallest bit of what I say. I had my first class which no one told the Korean teacher I would start showing up so we kind of made up a lesson plan at the last minute. The students and I would introduce ourselves and talk about how I love the octopus and how bad my Korean is then we’d watch Lilo and Stitch (the Korean teacher’s original plan)

It worked well enough until it became apparent that my kids had almost no idea what was going on. Afterward, the teacher and I did some brainstorming and came up with brilliance. We’ll do a lesson on Hawaii and some vocab for the movie and the last class will be a luau…which I’m just psyched for.

As a artsy person who hoards things (read: trash) for later projects, I’m a bit relieved to have an outlet now for the colorful plastic bags I’ve been collecting during my stay here. Because now I can make PLASTIC FLOWERS FOR LEIS. There might also be something involving pineapples and hula dancing and limbo but who knows.

And so now it somehow manages to feel ever more summery in this Hot Pockety humid weather.

Update: Luau Photos!

I bet my peoples back home wanna know what I look like when I’m teaching. Well, my co-teacher took lots so take a look

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  1. Angel Cartagena permalink
    July 9, 2010 6:50 pm

    Hi Kristen:

    Just wanted to drop you a note reminding you that I’m thinking of you and praying for you. I pray that you are well and still enjoying the experience.

    Take care and know that I am praying for you daily.


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