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Hello Speaking Test Season!

June 29, 2010

So, for three weeks at the end of semester, I have it really, really easy. Week 1 – I make a review game for all of my classes and give candy to the winners. Week 2 – I give speaking tests to all of the students. Week 3 – All the students take exams and I sit at my desk all day. I’m on Week 2.  This involves students frantically trying to memorize sentences and key grammar before class starts so they can use them to answer questions I have.

Each student comes to meet me at the front of the class and answers my questions, while I listen for any mistakes. Of course it’s really easy for me but at the same time it’s extremely dull.

Matt’s mom is on her way here… perhaps to break up the monotony that is breaking up attempts at cheating, asking the same four questions over and over again for 4 hours and grading tests.

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