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Hello First Grade Shenanigans!

June 25, 2010

I call the first graders “the babies” which they like because they think  it means they’re cute. But really, I think it’s because they haven’t gone through puberty quite yet…they still have sweet demeanors and are really just tiny compared to the second and third graders. Today, I learned, however, that they are not all that innocent.

Before exam week, I always play a review game that involves making teams. With third graders, I gave up on letting them have team names because usually it’s just some off combination of the words “sexy”, “hot”, “cute”, “girls” or “boys” (Yes, I’ve had a team named “The Girl BOYZ) . Second grade tends to pick weird animals or obscure English words or music group names. Up until today, the first graders tended to pick clever-ish or boring names like “Team” or “Korea” or “Kristin” . Class 105 was not having any of that cutesy nonsense.  Here’s what my board looked like after writing the names:

1 2 3 4 5
Fox Adult Video Six Honeymoon


I got the names out of order so it really didn’t make sense til I wrote them all out. “Adult Video”  Really, guys? Luckily the Korean teacher in the room  (who recently returned from her honeymoon)  was laughing pretty hard so I didn’t feel like an awful teacher.  And given the cleverness and lack of time to change everyone’s names, I let them keep the names and explained the rules of the game which …unfortunately, involved shouting the team name to answer. I failed to realize the problem with the names “Six” and “Fox”  -and how they sound like …inappropriate words for first graders –  until it was too late. Here are some chants that came about:






And so on. They’re crafty ones, those first graders.

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