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Hello Lesson Anxiety!

June 7, 2010

I think I mentioned in a previous post how difficult the first time teaching a new lesson plan is. It tends to be a bit chaotic as powerpoints fail, students are baffled by directions or the level will be too high or low. So, I tend to be nervous the first time delivering a lesson plan. Today, I just about had a panic attack before class.

The lesson is on giving directions and I was determined to use a game I made to get students actively participating and using new vocabulary. What made me nervous was that this game involved a toy car. I knew what to expect. I mean…given a toy car right now I’d probably break down and play with it a bit…so my energetic batch of first graders didn’t stand a chance. Not even seconds before I gave each team a car, there were cars on the floor, tangled in hair, rolling inside desks and, I kid you not, within less than a minute one car was already lost.  But generally, once initial directions were given, everyone settled down to draw some surprisingly detailed maps and write some sets of directions. Actually, the students concentrated extra hard on the first steps of the worksheet I made just so they could get to the part that used the car (which frankly I didn’t find so exciting but they did)

I predict having to replace half of the parts to my game by the end of the week…and I have to teach the same lesson next week. Sigh.

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