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Goodbye Macbook, Hello Mom!

May 17, 2010

My laptop finally died. It was kind of a long time coming I suppose….first the hard drive melted upon arriving in Seoul. This set me back the cost of a brand new hard drive, the service to put it in and probably an obscene amount of time finding that service. Then maybe a few months later the screen decided to crap out on me. I was quite literally just watching a video and without reason the whole screen inverted and the edges became fuzzy. I kept delaying fixing this issue after the damage was something around 400k won to repair not to mention a stern look from the guy at the Genius Bar (“This thing is far too old, hardly even worthy of a new screen etc) But thankfully the laptop died before I could reach a decision. Upon starting it up, it mockingly ran the chime then went black forever.

All that to say…my stepmom has arrived in Seoul and has been here for a few eventful days with photos to match. But looks like I won’t be doing much to post about it for a few weeks. I hope to get another Macbook but we’ll see what happens.

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