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Hello Grammar Ninja!

May 11, 2010
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I wish I had found this during my ninja themed week. I’ve recently begun a quest for games that work well with a SmartBoard (plus DBpen) and fill up the few minutes left after a completed lesson.

And I refuse to play Hangman.

I’m pretty partial to Whizz Wordz which has a boggle like format. But the game usually requires more than a few minutes to finish and is just a word search.

Grammar Ninja asks players to identify parts of speech – the beginner level is perfect for my Intermediate class as it asks for only nouns and verbs, while the skilled level challenges my advenced students asking for adjectives, pronouns and some other parts. Each round has ten sentences and scores are given based on time. So students can make mistakes but there’s a 5 second penalty added to the final time. With the Smartboard, I just gave my afterschool students the touch pen and let em play which of course became ridiculously competitive by the end.

I think I’ll start making a list of games I like somewhere on this blog..

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