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Hey Mori NEW Hairstyle!

May 7, 2010
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I decided to get microbraids sort of on a whim. I needed a break from the tangles, the ajumma prodding, and the constant staring and braids have actually cured all those issues.

Using the intarwebs, I found Nina’s Downtown Hair Salon in Itaewon and made an appointment. Nina met me outside of the subway station and we immediately clicked. Nina’s a Nigerian expat who’s been living and working  here in Seoul for ten years, mostly doing hair for people living on the military bases nearby. Before arriving, Nina and I had settled on a more than reasonable price that included human hair for the braids and dealing with my dense mess of tangled locks for six hours.

I’m really pleased with the results. At first I wasn’t really sure if the change was for me but walking a few blocks back to the subway, two Korean women stopped me on the street to tell me “Ipuda!” or “It’s beautiful” My students have been equally receptive to the change…this came after explaining how I can wash  it, that we call them “braids” and not “reggae hair” and that most of the hair was indeed fake. Even better, some of them tried to copy my hairstyle with predictably less than accurate results.

Anyway here’s me with braids and a popsicle that looks like meat on a stick.

And sifting through the movie photos from after school, I came across this really weird nonsequitor

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  1. Natosha permalink
    May 8, 2010 8:07 pm

    Hi Krisitin,

    My name is Natosha and I found out about your blog through my girlfriend in Maryland who does your stepmom’s hair. I’m planning to teach in S. Korea myself and when my girl found out your stepmom was coming to visit you- she gave her your blog info. Great writing! I’d love to talk more in depth about your experience if you have time, perhaps you can send you an email? I’m planning to come in Fall, but not sure what city yet. I’m going to read as much of your blog as I can while I’m doing applications to get a better sense of the experience, what to expect, etc.

    Hope all is well,

  2. Cheree permalink
    May 30, 2010 7:00 pm

    Hey can I get another pic that is brighter!! Looks good from what I can see, must be waaaaaay convenient.

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