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What are you doing?

April 30, 2010

I try to make a point of talking to every student that engages me throughout the day. My hope is that they learn that yelling “Hello” is just not enough and they can be prepared to provide some kind of alternative response.

I usually ask students “What are you doing?” which is the most fun when students are loitering or basically not doing much of anything at all. If anything, my pestering them has taught them the word “wait”. Here’s how most conversations go:

Me: Hey girls, what are you doing?
Girls: Friend is cleaning. I am…yes
Me: You are waiting?
Girls: Waiting!

Boys: Teacher! What’s up! OMG! (They actually say O-M-G, sigh)
Me: Hey guys, what are you doing?
Boys: Doing…here. Teacher is coming.
Me: Ahhh, so you are waiting for the teacher?
Boys: Waiting, yes. Doing nothing.

I actually made this into a lesson with the Basic level after school class. I found pictures of all kinds of things (mostly from And had them name objects and state what the object is doing. This was pretty funny…You’d think learning about 20 different ways to say “doing nothing” would get boring but the students got all creative on me. Oh yeah…I also made them act out the picture assuming the role of the object.

“I am the lady. I am cooking” 

“I am the man. I am breathing.”

 “I am the refridgerator. I am showing.” 

“I am the plant. I am killing.” 

“I am the food. I am dying.”

 “I am the bowl. I am helping.”

“I am the table. I am sleeping.”







“I am the man. I am reading”

“I am the book. I am teaching the man.”

“I am the house. I am watching”

“I am the suitcase. I am thinking.”

“I am the motorcycle. I am hoping.”

And the walls were standing, the air was flying and the floors were holding. Good job, guys.  Why bother with metaphors when we can just play this game all day.

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  1. Cheree permalink
    May 30, 2010 6:57 pm

    All I can say for this is ……HILARIOUS!!! I am the keyboard. I am tired of being poked…..I am the mother. I miss my daughter…..sigh…..

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