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Ugh Korean Grammar.

April 26, 2010

I resisted it for so long. But you can only learn so many phrases and words before you have to string them all together.

I’m coming to the point where I’ll need to take a class but for now I’m on my own. I’ve found some great resources to help me along, though.

Korean Alphabet (learning to read and pronounce Hangul) – This site taught me how to read. Every character of the alphabet is addressed – you can hear the pronunciation of the letter itself and then a few words with the letter. Super easy to use.

Linguanaut: Korean Phrases and Common Sentences – A great place to start with foundation level phrases and words to get around and practice reading.

Pimsleur Korean I Audiobooks – Got it online and really like the format. First, you hear a dialogue completely in Korean, then they break it down into useful words and phrases with a few grammar points. Each lesson works from the previous and really sticks.

Learn Korean: LP’s Korean Grammar Guide – This blog is no longer updated but the posts that do remain are great and many read like an actual grammar book. All the parts of speech are covered in a recognizable format to anyone who’s learned a second language. There are also videos and links throughout the blog that add infinite value to the site.

I don’t really update the Korean Words I Know page anymore because I can’t keep up with it much and the resources above really do more justice to the language than myself.

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