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Hello Fairytales!

January 15, 2010

My afterschool class wrapped up sooner than I thought so I’d do a story writing exercise with them. We all chose a place, some main characters, the activities and natures of those characters then assigned transtions. Each student got a different part of the story and had to come up with a few sentences to build on it.
I’ve found that this game doesn’t really teach much but it’s damned entertaining.

Here are the stories…I only made changes absolutely necessary to understanding the story (they’re in bold)

Story 1

Once upon a time, Rains, the rabbit is dead. Gator, the alligator very sad. Donge, the starfish, very sad too. Rains loved Donge/ Donge loved Rains, too. But now, Rains is dead. Donge went to PC bang and meet gator.

Donge said “Let’s go bathroom” Donge and Gator smoking and they dead too. First, Gator, Donge, Rains go to PC Bang.

Rains said “Donge love is me!!”

Gator said “No love to me!!”

Rains said “Do you like fight?”

Gator said “No!” I don’t not”

Rains said “like fight~!”

Gator said “Oh no~!!”

Donge said “Stop please! I love is mouse~” OH NO!!

Second, Gator and Donge went to the PC Bang, Donge said “I love you”

Gator said ” I love you too” but Rains loved Donge but Donge didn’t love rabbits.

Then, Gator, DOnge and Rains became love triangle. Because Donge loved Rains playing Sudden Attack even if she is a girl. They kissed in the restroom. Gator saw this scene and was angry. Gator ate Rains. Finally. Gator, Donge, Rains three animal played “Crazy Arcade” The winner was Donge. Gator and Rains were angry. They kill Donge. Donge die. Gator and Rains went to jail.

Story 2

Once upon a time, the strong violent gorilla, Lilly, found a very female-like boy cat, Kitty, at jimjilbang. Kitter was sleeping very elegantly. Suddenly, Lilly was very angry at Kitty because he was like a female.

“Are you a real boy?” said Lilly. trying to catch Kitty and eat. Kitty ran away quickly and even climbed the wall. Lily was the champion at climbing. But he couldn’t catch because he sweat in the jimjilbang. One day, Lily went to the jimjilbang but it didn’t have money.

 The clark said “Hey gorilla, you must pay the money.”

Lily said “What?” and then Lily hit the clark. People shouted and the ran out. Lily said “Olleh!”

First Lily went to the jimjilbang; Lily so hot, so Lily went home. Lily played computer games. Finally Lilly was punished by mother. Second, Kitter go to jimjilbang. He wear a skirt and he look like white fur. He meet a gorilla. Gorilla name is a Lilly. He look like a big mouse. They are buy the eat. A Kitty said “Lily, did you eat a fish or banana?”

A Lily said “I eat some fish.”

A Kitty said, “Ok.. I buy the two fishes.”

A Lily said, “Thank you, I buy the oranges, too”

They eat oranges so he have a allergy. A Lily eat fish so he have a cold. They are going to hospital. Then Lily and Kitty go to the jimjilbang. Kitty said “You very fat” Lily is very angry.

Lily said “You ugly!!”

Kitty said “No! I’m very cute….oh no! my body!”

Finally, Lily marry with Kitty in the jimjilbang. Lily said to Kitty “I love you”

Kitty said to Lilly “I love you too.” Many people said “Get out!”  and people punched Lily and Kitty. Lilt and Kitty run to bathroom. They sleeping in bathroom.

The End

The second story was actually made first…then the kids got a hang of the process somewhat and made the first story. Things that should have been obvious like not killing all the characters in the first part, just weren’t. And, after the first story, there was a rule that the characters had to stay in the chosen place for the whole story.

Anyway, it was fun to do and I’ll do it again for sure.

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