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Hello Middle School Craft Drama!

January 14, 2010

Sometimes, I really love my job.

Today I was hanging with my after school class as they rushed to finish the projects that are due tomorrow. Usually, the girls in my class finish assignments first, but I guess to dress up their poster project they just took much longer than the boys. The boys finished and really hadn’t much to do. I had some music on but they couldn’t get going with an activity. Finally, I made a paper fortune teller with such classics as:

“You will be rich” and “You will be fat” and “You will find love in a park”

To my surprise, the boys immediately took to it but, of course, the content was much grimmer than I could have come up with. The predictions were disturbing and curt. Such as:

“Shut up”

“You beautiful”

“Bomb Your Face”

“SOB” (yes, really)

“I’m kill you” (which I got twice in different fortune tellers)

I dunno. Sometimes you just can’t fight the awful English fast enough and you just have to sit back and enjoy it. Anyway, it seems like it’s a trend that’ll catch on since being threatened with death is the norm around here.

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