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Hello English Zone!

December 31, 2009

I finally got a chance to see the English Zone just days away from completion at school. I’m pretty sure that my school takes the room pretty seriously since it’s been worked before my arrival and is just now getting finishing touches. I hadn’t even approached the area where it’s located since October and was astonished at what I saw.

The outside doorway is made of some kind of faux, purple granite with giant golden letters across the top “ENGLISH ZONE”  Even the outside hallway around the room is immaculately clean and inviting. Inside there were all kinds of wonders to behold – tons of storage space for books. TONS, as in every one of the four walls could hold at least 200 books. One area, designated as the Book Cafe, had different colored shelves so that the books would be divided by level of difficulty and had padded seats so students could lounge about while they read. There’s also a computer section, a Smart Board (gigantic touch screen computer), a ton of white boards, a section for various media players, and clean, modern style desks.

There are wood floors, really clean ones. I think the first thing I said when I went in with my co-teachers was “No one can eat in this room”  The whole room is filled with a kind of new car smell. And I suppose, like with a new car, you just don’t wanna see it spoiled with all the crap kids/students tend to drag in. The room still lacks a few technological features and the 900 books ordered for the shelves, but I’m told that I’ll be able to use it by the time Winter Camp gets rolling next week. All of this, by the way, from the decor to the book selection, is the brainchild of my co-teacher Joey. And as luck would have it, she’s transferring to another school in March. It seems a little unfair  but the next three weeks should be lovely.

Oh and Happy New Year!


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  1. GEORGE BENTLEY permalink
    January 2, 2010 2:01 am

    Happy New Year Kristin! Not sure what the English Zone, But it seem to make you happy. Be careful on the ice. Jean Bentley

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