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Hello Christmas Eve Eve!

December 22, 2009

So I’ve been a bit slow with the posts lately. This is due mostly to my laptop crapping out on me and learning that it’d be cheaper to buy a new laptop than have it repaired. Sigh.

The past few weeks teaching have been pretty slow anyway. I’ve taught the 12 days lesson to a few 2nd Graders and given a survey based lesson to the 1st graders. As I’m working more and more with the students, I’m able to create more activities that have them talking more than me and that makes my Korean co-teachers happy and takes a LOT of stress off my voice. I feel very comfortable here with the staff and the students – feeling the love from both –  and I’m finally understand the way things move around here. I post class projects and work pretty hard on lessons and get a lot of respect and peace of mind in return.

Just as the school year winds down and I was beginning to think next year would be a breeze, two of my co-teachers, one of which is Joey, informed me that they won’t be teaching at Sinwol Middle School next year. I found this out yesterday and spent most of the day moping afterward. In fact, a lot of teachers are leaving the school to teach elsewhere due to a 5 year rotation policy but it didn’t really sink in til yesterday. Part of me is sad because I’m going to miss them and another part is anxious because I have to start up with new teachers who may or may not have had horrific experiences with past NSETs. Oh well, gotta get over it.

On a more positive note, Matt and I have decided to take a vacation to Bali, Indonesia in February for just over a week. I’m not sure what initially prompted this; most other teachers are going to cheaper, warm destinations like the Philippines and Thailand (although some are going to South Africa, Australia, and Japan). But I really want to see an active volcano. Really. Badly. Since my trip to Pompeii, I can’t really get volcanos out of my head and the flora and fauna around volcanos tends to be on the unique side. I also like going to places that I know nothing about and Bali will do it for me. Initially, I could NOT imagine spending more than a million won on a vacation but since my afterschool class money covers it, I feel a bit better loosening the tight grip on my bank book.

That’s still well over a month away…in the mean time I have to put up with single digit temperatures, four hours per day of winter camp classes for three weeks, frozen vomit in the streets, my first Christmas away from home, and a broken laptop.

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  1. Angel Cartagena permalink
    December 23, 2009 5:54 pm

    Hey Kristin!

    Just wanted to stop by to wish you a Merry Christmas and to let you know that I’m thinking of you and still praying for you. I pray that you will have a blessed and festive Christmas. Please know that all of us who love you and care for you will be with you in spirit.

    May our Lord and Savior continue to show favor on you. Merry Christmas!


  2. Julie permalink
    December 24, 2009 4:50 am


    Sorry it’s so cold there. After our 2 feet of snow last Saturday, school was canceled this week for all 3 days we should have been there! Woo hoo! Have a nice and relaxing holiday, if you have the day off.

    Miss you,


    • aukissed permalink*
      December 27, 2009 11:46 pm

      Ahhh that’s just awful. It finally snowed here and this is after winter vacation started so it was kinda useless. Not to mention that there aren’t snow days here.

      I hope you’re enjoying your stay in Durham! Belated Merry Christmas!

  3. Angel Cartagena permalink
    December 25, 2009 3:31 pm

    Merry Christmas Kristin! I pray you that your day has been a blessed one.

    God bless you,


    • aukissed permalink*
      December 27, 2009 11:41 pm

      Thank you!! Merry Christmas to you too, Angel.

      Wendy told me she was in the show this year. How’d she do? Exceptionally I bet!

      • Angel Cartagena permalink
        December 28, 2009 12:20 am

        Sadly, the show was snowed out. 😦

        Twenty inches of snow will do that to you.

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