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Hello River Cats Diving!

December 17, 2009

It’s my last week teaching the second graders and since they already took exams, I could be pretty lax with the lesson plan. So, of course, I went straight to good ol’ Christmas Carols – The 12 Days of Christmas to be exact. Despite numerous concerns and confusion over meeting rhymes and rhythms, I got each class to produce their own version of The 12 Days after watching a few spoofs on youtube.

Groups of four students were to each take a line and make it their own. I asked the students to pick objects that they might want for Christmas and to be creative and funny but apparently these qualities are very much exclusive of one another. I got intersting, bizarre and disturbing answers.

Class 2-1

On the # day of Christmas my true love gave to me

  • A fly in a cream cake
  • 2 Rudolphs flying
  • 3 dogs playing
  • 4 mice smiling
  • 5 beautiful homes
  • 6 Rudolphs dancing
  • 7 River Cats diving
  • 8 singers dancing
  • 9 Sinwol boys singing
  • 10 Golden clothes shining
  • 11 students dancing
  • 12 basketball players playing

Class 2-3

On the # day of Christmas my true love gave to me

  • A rabbit in a pretty house
  • 2 puppies swimming
  • 3 animals fighting
  • 4 flowers dancing
  • 5 singers singing
  • 6 computers gaming
  • 7 girls shopping
  • 8 Santas gift-giving
  • 9 students having good times
  • 10 “New Moon’s” showing
  • 11 soccer players playing
  • 12 students sleeping

Class  2-1 – this class was really obsessive with the dating

On the # day of Christmas my true love gave to me

  • 12 girls hiking
  • 11 boyfriends kissing
  • 10 guys just for me
  • 9 Girls Generations
  • 8 boys fighting
  • 7 rainbows dancing
  • 6 teddybears
  • 5 Han Ju Hee’s
  • 4 tasty chickens
  • 3 Wondergirls
  • 2 Park Bo Youngs
  • And a beautiful house with a garden


It was fun and students enjoyed watching me sing through all twelve lines while prompting them for their respective roles. It’s one of the lessons that was really tough to get going and give instructions for but momentum built as the day and the class went on. I also had examples from the previous classes to work with and that next would always try to out do them.

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