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Hello Sweet Success!

November 17, 2009

Despite being below freezing for the past three days, I’ve been pretty content with myself. I found a lesson plan for the first graders that was educational, fun, and had me doing almost nothing for most of the class.

What was this magical game?  Telephone.  Our lesson’s on telephone dialogues and forming the questions and answers to particular situations. After reviewing some vocab and explaining the rules, I split the class into two lines and they had to telephone entire dialogues from one end to the other with the last student writing it down. This might have been a difficult thing to keep going if my students weren’t so fiercely competitive with one another. For a speaking game, the room was pretty quiet except for the person passing along the message. Every student – even the sleepy and hungry ones – had to participate to get the point for their team while I watched and laughed as the original message came apart and formed crazy, illogical sentences.

It was so nice to see every student speaking without provocation and students working together to improve their pronunciation without getting frustrated. There was of course the inevitable squabble between the start and end person but it was in English so I didn’t really feel the need to stop it…I didn’t have to explain why the wrong sentences were funny…the starting people usually did it for me.

Some sample hilarity:

Original Sentence: “Hello? Is Matt there?”

End Sentence: “Hello, this is your Master”

But often some mistakes were revealing about the students’ pronunciation:

Original Sentence: “This is Mike’s brother, Matt”

End Sentence: “This is my brother, Matt”

That mistake was in EVERY class so maybe it’s something to focus on next week. Ah…next week. Some telephone comics are due then, I’m excited for the results.

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