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Hello Germs!

November 10, 2009

The germs…the cold germs, the flu germs,, the swine flu germs…they’re everywhere. Each of my classes were missing anywhere from 5 to 12 students due to illness and that doesn’t even count the sniffling, hacking students that came in anyway albeit in face masks. I’ve never been a germaphobe, I tend to view colds as inevitible, but lately I’ve been gettin’ real paranoid about the germs around here.

Why Germs Freak Me Out Here

1. Kids don’t cover their mouths for anything except speaking in English class. They sneeze, cough, spit and hack all over each other and their surroundings.

2. The sick kids come into school with face masks on but lower them to talk to friends…so what’s the point guys? And what’s worse, students are closer to each other physically than is really wise with swine flu spreading like the plague: they nuzzle each other’s hair and faces, they pet each other, they’re constantly holding hands.

3. Yesterday, I watched in horror as my flu ridden student shared lip gloss with her perfectly healthy friend.

4. The NSET in the school next to mine said he watched a mass of boys sharing the same water bottle. Students also tend to share bags of candy, lunch, and ice cream. There’s nothing wrong with sharing but flu season is not the right time for it.

5. Every time I pass the nurse’s office or am within a 12 foot range, I am assaulted with overwhelming smell of sanitizer and disinfectant mist. The nurse is usually clad in an industrial strength anti virus mask and holsters of the antibacterial gel. The place is the cleanest place I can imagine but you’ll never guess who’s out sick today? The nurse.

I knew that working in a such a large school would mean constant exposure to illness but I just wish there were someway I didn’t have to see it.

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