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Hello iPark Mall!

November 8, 2009


Somewhere in a giant mall at Yongsan station, amongst floors of appliances and all kinds of technology stuffs, there is a movie theater. Matt and I made it there to see Inglorious Basterds and have an excuse to eat movie popcorn.

The experience was surprisingly pleasant – we picked a time upon arriving and when buying tickets, we chose our seats in the theater (not many were left so we had to sit at the front). The seating assignments meant we didn’t have to be in the theater until right before the movie started – it was so efficient! We had time to stop by the gigantic bookstore nearby and I wanted a photo of Matt impersonating this plush toilet paper holder.


How silly. Anyway, the movie was good…it was my second time seeing it. It was subtitled in Korean and it turned into a complete mess of words and subtitles when the German and French came out. What was extra interesting – the movie had a lot of funny bits, really hilarious parts to which you could hear the individual English speakers laughing in the audience. I guess the humor didn’t translate so well.

Oh, and my mom would be happy to hear that they served caramel corn at the snack bar. Just awesome.

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