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Hello Chuseok!

October 3, 2009

I should mention that the lack of posts recently is due to my laptop being funky, I’m not sure what the problem is but it’ll be resolved by tomorrow I’m hoping.

Anywho, the past few days have been fairly eventful so I’ll just list some of the happenings

1. Thursday, Matt arrived and Friday I got to see him. We spent the day together going around Korea and buying stuff he needs. He lives about 45 minutes away from me in Sillim, an area in a lovely district that has a gigantic mall, a lot of movie theaters and the kind of aquarium where you can buy fish as pets. I’m a little jealous.

2. We went out to Itaewon to meet with a few friends and watch a hockey game. the hockey game was fine until the Tivo cut off the end of the game when the scores were tied. Oh well. Being a hockey game in a bar, there was quite a bit of drinking and being Itaewon there was a fight …that I may or may not have started. I made light hearted conversation with a cheerful GI standing next to me while I paid my tab and he told me pretty flat out “I’m going to punch the guy next to me if you say go. Say go!” I laugh it off and he smirks and insists “Say go.” This exchange continues for a bit until I eventually say go. He did exactly what he said he would…and yet I was (am) still stunned.

3. Today, Matt and I walked around my neighborhood a bit where we eventually found a restaurant and sat down to have Matt’s first taste of Korean food. Turns out, he’s a huge Kimchi fan and pretty fond of Korean BBQ.  Afterwards, we headed back to Matt’s neighborhood to visit the 14 story mall and look through a book store. I was more than delighted to find a book that I haven’t read before by one of my favorite authors in stock and in English. So, now I have something to do until my laptop is fixed.

4. I got care packages from my stepmom and Matt’s mom. Both contained candy! If I don’t eat it all between now and Tuesday, my students will be very pleased.

It’s nice to have Matt safe and sound here and it seems like his living and school situation will be okay. Side note: From what I can tell, over the Chuseok holiday here it’s customary for the little girls to wear colorful hanbok all day. It’s so awfully, terribly cute!

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