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Hello Recovery!

September 17, 2009

I’m slowly but surely getting better all thanks to the overwhelming concern of my school’s staff. Upon mentioning my illness, I got some meds and not even a few hours I think the entire school knew.

Every time I returned to my desk there was a new sort of remedy awaiting me from cookies to juice to some donut things to various fruits from teachers and students alike.

Froot loop cough drop things

Froot loop cough drop things

Fruit juice and some kind of pear puree, Sun assured me that pear's the best for my cough.

Fruit juice and some kind of pear puree, Sun assured me that pear's the best for my cough.

Yeah, so I’m constantly coughing up various mucus stuffs but it’s a good thing I promise. What’s lovely is that when I told my students that I was losing my voice, they started behaving well and speaking louder in class. Huzzah.

Some funny misunderstandings that happened today:

– I was asking my second graders why they like killing dragonflies…I asked if dragonflies sting like bumblebees. Silence then expressions of bewilderment. Bumblebees guys? Hello? Then, laughter. So I drew a bee on the board and they immediately shout “BEE” “BEE” “BEE TEACHER” Ok so they know what it is..I point and say “bumblebee!” The response is laughter and “TRANSFORMERS, Teacher!!”   lol

-I try to elicit some responses from my students about video games, “What kind of games do you like? Warcraft?” They just look at me funny “Warcraft…Starcraft?” The response?

“OHHHHH yes, it’s WarCRAPTuh Teacher, WarCRAPTuh”

Oh yes, I’m sure you know better than me.

-My cough apparently sounds like an order. I coughed in the hallway as some students were approaching. First they practically lept out of their skin then immediately started apologizing profusely. So, I ask “Why are you saying sorry?” They look at each other. “Uh because…” They all run away. Um, what?

-I try to use Korean pop bands to get my students to talk to me…it generally works. In one class however I was trying to determine which girl group is the prettiest. The boys shout words at me “THEY ARE CUTE” “THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL” “I WANT GIRLS GENERATION” “THEY ARE SEXY”

Ok, ok….so I say “Girls Generation is the sexiest band?” and one students shakes a finger at me, saying “DIRTY DIRTY teacher”


And then there’s this:



A common mistake around here and as I’m learning Korean, I can understand why. The character for R and L is the same and is the equivalent of a soft r that is something like the “rl” sound in “world”.

Hm…I guess that’s all for now.

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  1. Tanya permalink
    September 21, 2009 2:31 am

    Of course your cousins Collin and Carson thought the “Bumblebee” story was hilarious! They are huge Transformer fans. Maybe I should send you a list of all the other characters, so there are no more mishaps. We miss you.

    • aukissed permalink*
      September 21, 2009 3:37 am

      I thought of them when it happened!

      It’s pretty funny that the movie is more popular than the animal but whatever. I miss the boys too, I hope they’re doing well in school!

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