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Hello Hongdae!

September 11, 2009

So the past two nights have been a whirlwind of giggle-inducing, Engrish-enduring good times. Alcohol was involved in both nights; the first night was with the other, non-English teaching teachers of my school and the second (last night) was with other Native Speakers in Hongdae which may be one of the coolest places in Seoul.


Wowie the phones are small here!

Night 1

About ten teachers at my middle school took out the new teachers to dinner and some drinks at the restaurant Joey and I visited before. The food type is called Shabushabu which is both a fun word to say and mightily tasty dish of stewed meat, noodles, ruffage, and dumplings. I was treated to some Cass beer (Hite is the devil I’m sure) then taken to a bar up the street for a few frothy Guinesses to round out my evening. So, apparently the tradition in Korea is to follow certain steps on a night out. First Step: Eating, Second Step: Drinking, Third Step: Noraebang (aka Karaoke) + Drinking Into the next morning. I turned down that last step to save my teachers from hearing me butcher some campy American tune whilst drunk. But I did not however, spare anyone the next night.

Aw, they're killing each other.

Aw, they're killing each other.


I told one of the teachers that my nails were chipping due to the dryness here. And she got me lotion. Aw.

Night 2

The night started off auspiciously enough. I went with Stacy and some other SMOE people to Anguk, home of the largest musical instrument store in Korea. I’m not sure what I initially expected but an endless hallway filled with dorm-sized stores selling everything from kazoos to bassoons (!!!) was not it. The place was overwhelming and really made me want to rekindle my love affair with music.

Evan looks through the forest of instruments, most of which are guitars of some sort

Evan looks through the forest of instruments, most of which are guitars of some sort

Then the six of us headed over to Hongdae, the supposed hot spot of Seoul for young people such as ourselves. Unfortunately, we were meeting up with …I don’t know maybe 10 other teachers who wanted to hang out. Anyone who has ever tried coordinating an event of 7 or more people knows what a pain it can be and then throw into the mix that less than half of us had cell phones and some people were navigating the way there a bit unsuccessfully. We had to wait for well over an hour before finally departing for the bars and sights. The other problem soon became apparent – everyone wanted to do something different and then our large group melded with a group of probably 10 more teachers. Ok, ok, ok. Sorry guys, but I’ll catch you later.

Some of us broke off to move onto better things and then, predictably, it ended up just being Chris and I drinking at the swankiest bar in the area.

This maybe have been a decent picture of the place had I managed to put my drink down for a single second.

This maybe have been a decent picture of the place had I managed to put my drink down for a single second.

For 11k won we shared what appeared to be an old style gas tank fashioned as a soju drink dispenser. The two of us could not finish it and were too inebriated midway through the contraption before we decided we were bored and wanted to sing our hearts out at Noraebang. It was pouring rain when we left the swanky bar. Of course it was pouring rain. Whatever, we just went from Noraebang to Noraebang until we found an empty room then proceeded to drink and sing loudly and angrily for two hours straight. Soooooo a Noraebang….it’s a private room for you and your friend with a huge tv, mics and am epic and extremely ecclectic selection of music: Queensryche, Basia, Bjork, Britney Spears, Marilyn Manson, Hanson…I can’t really add an “etc” because it would be near impossible to predict the next artist of this bizarre sequence.

We sang and sang.

We sang until we literally could not sing any longer. Once our voices were adequately abused – some time around 2:30 AM or so –  we went to get food which, of course, came with a beer. We sat outside at this strange hour watching drunk people stagger by in fairly large numbers from bar to bar – I’m not sure I’m dedicated to anything like these Korean young people were dedicated to drinking the night away. It’s fairly common to stay up all night partying here since the metro closes around midnight and reopen at 5 AM…I’m assuming that’s the reason anyway. Chris and I made it to our respective homes by taxi and I maybe got to bed at 5:30 AM. That’s when it hit me. I’m going to an amusement park in mere hours from now. From RIGHT now, the time that I’m typing this………. but it’s raining pretty hard still, I might take the day to recover and prepare for tonight’s misadventures!

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