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Hello School Assignment!

August 28, 2009

After much anticipation, I finally found out my placement in Seoul – it will be in a middle school in the Gangseo-gu district, the western most district of Seoul. I really don’t know how big Seoul is but I have some clues to help out.

  • There are about 460 teachers here at orientation – there will be ONE teacher per school and I believe some schools in Seoul are already staffed.
  • There are 25 districts in Seoul, I can name maybe five or six in DC …kind of.
  • From what I’ve learned about my district so far, it is the second largest and is an hour from downtown Seoul.

Crazy huh? Yeah I know. But thankfully, I’m fairly close to the friends I’ve made here with three being South of the Han River. My good friend and roomie, Stacy, is going to be in the Gangnam-gu district…the affluent, business district of Seoul. Supposedly, my area will have more underpriviledged families and be less crowded with less skyscraper-type buildings (which sounds a bit like my old home in Hyattsville, yays!). So, I’m sure we’ll have a myriad of experiences to share between us. I’m going to meet with my co-teacher after some orientation wrap up formalities today. I’m so excited. This time tomorrow, I should be all moved in and unpacked and already wandering around taking touristy photos. Eek!

P.S. I may not have access to email until Monday or so, so please don’t worry if I don’t respond immediately to a comment or email.

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