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Hello Nightmarish Reality!

August 21, 2009

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. And I don’t think that the fitful periods of me lying down with my eyes closed really even counts as sleep.

I woke up with a start this morning and immediately went to the eslcafe to find a thread talking smack about my recruiter. It was dreadful – apparently people who had planned on going to SMOE orientation a little late were getting cut off from the program. The circumstances of these people seemed to describe Matt perfectly and I immediately started stressing. So, I sent an email to him about the thread, worried and started packing for my trip.

Some time later – DURING MY GOING AWAY PARTY – I checked my cell phone only to find three messages: two left by my recruiter and one left by my mother saying my recruiter called her. I was/am freaking out. From the party, I checked my email and found that the recruiter said that if Matt did not make it by Monday, he would need to wait until March to start working. I sent a message back and immediately got a call back from the guy relaying the exact same info in the email, emphasizing that there’s absolutely no way to get around SMOE’s decision to let late comers go.** I called Matt and he’s planning on going to the consulate tomorrow to get his passport and hopefully his visa.

This is too much. I wanted this post to be about the love and support from my going away party but I’m all over the place now trying to get ready to go whilst freaking out and hoping for the best for Matt.

**Turns out that guy at the consulate knew something we didn’t…until now, of course

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