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Hello Documents!

August 17, 2009

My flight is less than six days away and, while I’m relieved to have received my Notice of Appointment, I’m still worried about my visa coming through.

Last Friday afternoon I stopped at the Korean consulate in DC to get me going on a visa. Having called a number of times beforehand to get the right address and list of documents, I felt more than adequately prepared and was just beaming as I strided…almost strutted into the building. No one there was really nice but I wouldn’t say anyone was downright mean either; I think the perfect word might be “curt” or “terse”. Unlike the French consulate, no one there really cared about the process I had gone through to get to this point or what awaited me in future. That’s just fine, I eventually convinced myself, they’re just trying to move things along. I filled out a one page application about myself and my intentions in Korea, submitted my NOA, my photo, a copy of my passport, my passport, and my contract, paid my $45 and waited a bit.

It won’t be ready til Wednesday. You know what? That’s perfectly fine and its the most concrete date I’ve got so far!

So, now it’s Monday at 7AM…I’ve been up literally all night and I’m trying to adjust to Korean time. I don’t think my strategy to adjust before I get there will work but I’m excited to try.

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