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Hello, bureaucratic nightmare!

July 19, 2009

I’m not in Korea quite yet and, due to some rather pressing issues concerning time constraints, swine flu, and The North Korea Situation, I just might not get there. Regardless, I feel compelled to post some of the drama I’ve gone through just to get to this point.

As of 5:00 pm Friday, I sent off all of the documents needed to get the E-2 visa I need to teach by August 24th. Such documents include my contract with SMOE (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education), a copy of my diploma, and an apostilled criminal background check. Now, most teachers already have their visas and are ready to go, so why am I JUST sending in mine?

Over a month ago, I made my way to the police station to get fingerprints for my background check (a necessity specific to Maryland documents); I got the prints along with Matt’s and was told to send in a check for $36 to cover both sets to CJIS. I should get my results in a week. No problem. I got my clean background check in a week with a spelling mistake on my name too glaring to submit to SMOE. I’m annoyed at this point but am used to it so I call in and explain the problem. Fax it in. I’m told. We’ll send you a fixed copy.

I fax it in….no response…I call in….We probably got it…I wait a week…

Matt never gets his. CJIS rewrote my check for a single document and just didn’t want to cover his. ANDANDAND when I look at the check online, I see that CJIS FORGED MY SIGNATURE. I’m pretty livid at this point because my recruiter is calling me wondering where my stuff is and neither Matt nor I have a viable document. Matt calls for me and faxes the document to Mr. Beverly. Nothing happens. Nothing happens when I call and am treated like a crazy person Ummmm we have the correct spellingin our system WHY WOULD I CALL YOU IF I HAD THE CORRECT SPELLING IN THE FIRST PLACE?! I am becoming incensed over this just recalling it.

Eventually, we managed to get an address out of somebody and go to Pikesville to pick up the corrected check. I get treated like a crazy nobody until I mention the forged check (my bank advised I file a police report over it). I got my background check instantly and Matt got his processed by the very next day. Crazy. I found out today that I got a refund for my jacked up check.

Anyone who’s heard my story about my passport knows why incidents such as this fill me with rage.

I’m oh so happy now and I hope that I can get to Korea and I SINCERELY hope that my recruiter doesn’t read this and thinking I’m a raging psychopath.

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